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The Power of Personalized Outsourcing

For smaller firms, like Aulick Engineering, having an in-house IT person isn't always feasible. But trusting an outside pro is a leap of faith. That's why the personal aspect of a dedicated team is so important to Aulick. Read More

Taking the stress out of a glitchy system

Longview Wealth Management's glitchy network resulted in expensive downtime and the inability to conduct business. It went from a frustration to a real problem they needed to handle quickly. Here's how Logic Speak solved it. Read More

Email Monitoring for the Win

Smaller companies may be at a bigger risk of cybercrime than the Fortune 500. We've helped many clients who have been targeted by cybercriminals, saving valuable company data. Read more about how we keep you safe. Read More

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How secure is your IT? Do you have an IT plan in case something happens? Could you qualify for cybersecurity insurance?

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Leveraging Managed Services to Enable a Remote Workforce

Leveraging Managed Services to Enable a Remote Workforce The shutdowns brought about by COVID-19 have shown many businesses that they can be successful even when their employees work remotely. Indeed, in a recent Gartner survey, 82% of company leaders said that they... Read More

What the Heck is Managed Services?

What the Heck is Managed Services? Managed Services—it’s the new technology buzzword. It seems like a lot of tech organizations are calling themselves managed service providers (MSP) these days. But the reality is that many of these organizations are actually pure... Read More

Improving Your Personal Productivity

Improving Your Personal Productivity Prioritizing Your Life In our previous blogs, we discussed how Logic Speak can help your company improve its productivity and profitability. This blog focuses on your own contribution to productivity. How can you become more... Read More

Taking on procurement to keep you productive

Taking on procurement to keep you productive When you think of enabling or improving productivity, procurement may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the process of purchasing new technology can be a huge time suck on your organization. And getting it... Read More

Aligning technology for maximum productivity

Aligning technology for maximum productivity We’ve all heard the horror stories. An IT provider convinces a client to implement a shiny, new, expensive system that does not make them more productive or further their business initiatives. The company loses time and... Read More

Enabling productivity through technology

Enabling productivity through technology From the beginning, the promise of technology was that it would increase productivity in both our business and personal lives. And in many ways, it has done just that. But how many businesses are not as productive as they could... Read More

Weathering COVID-19 and other storms with technological connectivity

Weathering COVID-19 and other storms with technological connectivity In our last blog, we discussed the importance of human connectivity—the ability of humans to connect with each other with as much efficiency, speed, and accuracy as when they are in the same room.... Read More

How to disconnect in an always-connected world

How to disconnect in an always-connected world One of the side effects of working remotely during COVID-19 is that it can feel like we are always at work. While this blog series has focused on how connectivity can help your business weather the COVID-19 storm and... Read More

Connectivity and its impact on your business

Connectivity and its impact on your business At Logic Speak, we understood the enormous impact of connectivity on your organization even before the pandemic. But COVID-19 has magnified these impacts exponentially. Organizations that have invested in both technological... Read More

What Clients Are Saying

Once the new system was in place, there was a sense of calm. It was like, 'OK, now I can do my job without worrying the portal is going to go down.' It was a relief.

Jennifer Stewart, President

LongView Wealth Management

What Clients Are Saying

Jason (Etheridge, Logic Speak's president and founder) is passionate about staying in the forefront of tech advancements. When we hit the pandemic, I felt like we were ahead of over 90% of our industry because we already had the ability to work remotely.

Kate Henry, Vice President

Aulick Engineering

What Clients Are Saying

We wholeheartedly recommend Logic Speak to other non-profits in the Atlanta area looking for a dependable and values-driven IT support partner.

Pastor Greg Clark, Administrative Pastor

Mt Paran

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