Taking the stress out of a glitchy system

Financial Services Organization

LongView Wealth Management, a wealth management firm with approximately 25 employees based in the Atlanta area. LongView brings 35 years of extensive knowledge and experience to the practice of financial planning and wealth management. They provide independent, objective and unbiased financial advice to help clients simplify their lives and accomplish their goals.

The Challenge

It was about connection and communication — and the lack of both.

Quite simply, the client couldn’t stay connected to its network. Their provider had set up a convoluted, unreliable process of logging in online that was fraught with problems, glitches and expensive downtime.

“If we lost our connection for any reason to that portal, we were completely down,” said LongView president Jennifer Stewart. “I couldn’t write an email. I couldn’t draft a letter to a client and save it to use for later. We couldn’t access Word and Excel! We couldn’t access anything, and it just felt like it was way more difficult than it needed to be.”

It was a frustrating situation for the client, made all the more so by their provider, who didn’t seem to understand their concerns. The provider kept trying to make his system work, despite the fact it was not working at all.

All of it resulted in expensive downtime and the inability to conduct business as usual. It began impacting their clients. “It was a burden,” Jennifer said. “It felt like we were failing because our service provider was failing.”

That’s when the situation went from a frustration into a real problem they needed to solve quickly.

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The Solution

Colleagues recommended Logic Speak to LongView. “I liked the tone and culture of their company,” Jennifer said. “They were the type of professional organization we wanted to work with, one that was not too big, and one that was very much in touch with their clients and their needs. I felt like we would get a personal connection along with the service.”

Logic Speak diagnosed the problem almost immediately, telling LongView they needed a rather straightforward fix, not something more expensive and complex. What it meant for LongView was the consistent reliability of their technology. It became a seamless tool that allowed them to do their jobs, not something they needed to continually manage, troubleshoot and deal with.

The Results

“Once the new system was in place, there was a sense of calm,” Jennifer said. “It was like, ‘OK, now I can do my job without worrying the portal is going to go down.’ It was a relief.”

This project was so successful, it was just the beginning of LongView’s relationship with Logic Speak, which has grown over the years. One recent project involved integrating an internet-based voiceover IP phone system to help LongView employees work from remote locations … just before the pandemic hit. When it did, LongView was prepared to keep their business running seamlessly.

“We already had the right systems in place that made us flexible to work productively from any different location but still be connected with both colleagues and clients,” she said.

LongView found Logic Speak’s ability to listen — and hear — their challenges, issues and problems is the key to having their technology just simply work.

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