Managed IT Services:


Managed IT Services for Atlanta Businesses

We take the stress out of technology for small to mid-sized businesses in the greater Atlanta area.

Atlanta-based IT Services Provider

Maintaining your technology so it just works. Period.

Information technology is an ever-changing, ever-evolving field, one that is vital to the success of your organization. When your business technology breaks down or has a glitch, it can and will stop your company’s workflow — and your productivity — for hours or longer. You need technology that just works, period, so your employees can get the job done.

We get it. That’s why we strive to take away the stress and frustration of dealing with those IT issues for small to mid-sized businesses in the greater Atlanta area.

We proactively maintain and strategically support your organization’s devices and systems so they can stay connected, functional and secure.

Our Maintain Managed IT Services Include:

Traditional Support

When you think of an IT support company, this is what you typically envision…a group of people who fix things when they break. And that is part of any IT function. You need all of your devices and applications to work and sometimes things happen. We try and prevent as many things as possible, but we are here to handle any issues with your computers, servers, phones, printers, and more. Plus, we provide support for application challenges with Microsoft 365, QuickBooks or any other company-critical tool. We provide remote and onsite support to address the need.

Workstation management

Whether your employees work remotely or in the office, we make sure your computers work.

IT troubleshooting

Any glitches? We’ll make sure you’re back up and running quickly.

Application support and training

We help you get the most out of applications like Microsoft 365, Teams, QuickBooks or other tools designed to streamline your workday.

Scheduled Maintenance

This is all about making sure you are getting the most value out of your technology investments. We want everything you’ve purchased to work like it’s supposed to as long as it can. This isn’t the shiny part of IT, but it’s about keeping everything updated, patches applied, and security up to date.

Software updates

We make sure you’re using the latest versions of all your software.

Security updates

We keep our eyes open for new innovations in security, an ever-growing concern. Learn more on our Security page.


These are the nuts and bolts necessary for every business, like AntiVirus, content filtering, DNS protection, email filtering, endpoint backup, and remote connectivity. We provide this as part of our Maintain service and give you access to our client portal to submit issues as well as gain access to your organization’s consolidated IT info.


We recommend Microsoft 365, the gold standard. We configure it, support it, and apply our own best practices and templates to make sure your email is set up optimally.

Email filtering

The point is to keep Spam out of your inbox.

Content/DNS filtering

This blocks known malware issues and can restrict users’ access to sites based on your standards and preferences.


We make sure every machine has baseline security.


With Microsoft Teams, you’ll have chat, voice, audio, video, desktop sharing, and more. We ensure all of the features work for you.


Having a birds-eye view of your organization is key to ensuring things are working the way they are intended. We keep an eye on your network, backups, devices and various services so that we can spot a potential issue before it becomes a problem. Especially in a remote working environment, connectivity is critical to staying in business.

Workstation backup

Your base files and folders are backed up once each day.

Server backup

Your server is backed up once each day.


We provide monitoring to stop issues before they start.


We ensure connectivity across your organization, whether your people are working in the office or remotely.

Strategy & Planning

Our priority is to take care of all of your technology needs so you can do what you do best—running your business. We will work with you to make recommendations on how you can leverage technology to achieve your goals.

Identify gaps

Is your technology new enough to support the latest upgrades? Are there gaps in your system that we could bridge to make your workday easier and more efficient?

Look for potential pitfalls

Is the warranty period on your equipment teetering close to the edge? Do you have enough storage for the future? We make sure you don’t run into any unforeseen roadblocks caused by aging equipment.


We are big believers in documenting everything! If it’s not written down, it’s not real.


We keep track of your network’s information for easy access when we need it.

Device inventory

How many desktop computers, laptops and smartphones do you have, and who is using them? This is especially important if you have remote or hybrid workers.

Passwords and account information

Don’t worry. We document all of your profiles, passwords and other account information that you may need to recover.

The Logic Speak Difference

We don’t support computers. We support you.

All companies have IT issues. It’s just a part of life in today’s world. At Logic Speak, it’s our job to make sure IT-related problems don’t impact your workflow, your productivity or your bottom line.

Whether you need an overall IT plan, better technical support or just updated hardware and software, we’re your guides to help you navigate the complexities of the technology that powers your business.

All managed IT services companies offer support. Logic Speak offers a comprehensive approach to address all of your IT needs. From strategy to implementation to day-to-day help, Logic Speak’s mission is to have a positive impact on YOU.

Logic Speak’s Managed IT Services

A comprehensive approach to your IT needs

At Logic Speak, we believe maintaining our clients’ environments is more than just fixing something when it’s broken. We offer a comprehensive approach to your IT needs. Our Maintain service includes support for all of the devices, systems and software within your organization. This includes servers, storage, networks, desktop and laptops, and business applications like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Our priority is to take care of all of your technology needs so you can do what you do best — running your business.

Save time

by having reliable tools and systems in place to get your job done.

Focus on your goals

as our dedicated team of professionals take care of the technology behind the scenes.

Predict your IT costs

with fixed device and service costs that cover your technology needs. No surprises!

Feel secure

knowing that someone is monitoring, updating and protecting your technology systems.

Let Us Take the Stress out of Technology for You and Your Business

We offer two levels of our Maintain service: Standard and Express, so you can choose the response time that meets your needs and budget. We offer 24/7 support if you work around the clock or around the globe.

Logic Speak offers you IT peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best.