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Logic Speak specializes in taking the stress out of IT so you can concentrate on what you do best. Running your business.

What sets us apart? At Logic Speak, we think of ourselves as an extension of your team. We’re invested in your success and dedicated to building friendly, lasting relationships.

The Logic Speak Difference: We don't just support computers. We support you.

Logic Speak Managed IT Services: What We Do

Our suite of services is designed to support your business, where, when and how you need it. Whether you’re a small company or a growing business, we’ll handle the IT. You handle your business. Here’s how.

We Maximize your IT so IT can Maximize your Profits

Relax. We Take the Stress out of IT so You can Focus on your Business

Technology is a vital tool in today’s marketplace, no matter the industry you’re in. But when it doesn’t work, has a glitch or goes down completely, you’re treading water. IT problems are frustrating, stressful and costly. Let us handle IT for you. As your technology partner, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

Concentrate on your business goals

Don't spend your valuable time worrying about technology or researching the latest innovations. That's our job. We'll focus on your technology - you focus on your business.

Decrease downtime

Technology outages cost small businesses money, period. You don't have time for your technology to go down. That's why we don't put out fires. We stop them before they start.

Predict your IT costs

The last thing you need is a surprise about the cost of your technology. You'll get no hidden fees or cost overruns from us. We work together on a plan that works for you.

Feel secure again

Small businesses can't afford the luxury of time to get IT back up to speed after a breach. We are experts in cybersecurity for small businesses. Your tech is safe on our watch.

The Logic Speak Approach

We believe in a predictable process that provides results. Throughout our relationship, we will continually work with you to learn how you work, what’s working and what’s not working. We will audit and assess your organization and make improvement recommendations all the while maintaining a reliable and secure environment. Here’s how we do IT.


Starting with onboarding and throughout our engagement, we will work to learn your business. We want to know how you work, how you use technology to deliver your services and what’s getting in the way. As you grow and change, we want to be in the know so that we can be a valued partner.


We’re committed to always making things better. Our goal is to streamline support so that you get the best, predictable experience. The win for us is for you to maximize your investment in technology by ensuring that it works the way it was intended, provides the desired results, and continues to for as long as needed.


Establishing company standards helps reduce costs and expedites service because it eliminates variables within your systems. We regularly audit and assess your environment to ensure adherence to best practices. We’ll make recommendations to improve functionality, security, and efficiency.


It’s about making your technology better, your job a little easier, and ultimately having a positive impact through technology. As project needs arise, our project consultant will assess the need and provide a project plan with predictable timelines and costs to provide a solution to make your environment better.

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Co-Managed Services

With co-managed IT, we don’t replace your current IT team. We extend it. By partnering with your IT department, we can increase your current capabilities with our expertise and up your efficiency in the process. Our goal is to help you streamline the day-to-day IT demands so that you can focus on the overall IT strategy for the organization. We offer training and mentoring to your staff, provide support and help with maintenance tasks so your IT pros can focus on other things, and a toolbox of resources for your team to rely on. This approach allows you to maximize your IT investment without bloating your headcount. With a dotted line to our Logic Speak team, you get the best bang for your buck.

What Clients Are Saying

Once the new system was in place, there was a sense of calm. It was like, 'OK, now I can do my job without worrying the portal is going to go down.' It was a relief.

Jennifer Stewart, President

LongView Wealth Management

What Clients Are Saying

Jason (Etheridge, Logic Speak's president and founder) is passionate about staying in the forefront of tech advancements. When we hit the pandemic, I felt like we were ahead of over 90% of our industry because we already had the ability to work remotely.

Kate Henry, Vice President

Aulick Engineering

What Clients Are Saying

We wholeheartedly recommend Logic Speak to other non-profits in the Atlanta area looking for a dependable and values-driven IT support partner.

Pastor Greg Clark, Administrative Pastor

Mt Paran

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Let Us Take the Stress out of Technology for You and Your Business

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