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Seamless connectivity, whether your employees work in the office or at their kitchen table

In this age of remote work, you need remote connectivity solutions

Remote work is here to stay.

Most of us only think about connectivity when it doesn’t work. The VPN isn’t connecting. The Internet goes down. A server is offline. Or the wireless network isn’t available. But the impact of connectivity goes way beyond how it inhibits your business if it doesn’t work. Connectivity’s greatest impact is how it enables businesses to work more efficiently. At Logic Speak, we understand that the best connectivity is the kind that fades into the background — that you never think about.

We also know that organizations rarely have the skilled staff or resources to handle connectivity successfully.

Network Connectivity Services

How Logic Speak makes the connection

As your technology partner, we work to understand your business requirements and recommend the best solutions to meet your connectivity needs. Then we architect, procure and implement your connectivity systems, ensuring they are delivered as promised and optimized for maximum benefit.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can handle all of your connection needs. We provide:

Microsoft 365

The gold standard across many industries, Microsoft 365 is the best solution out there. It was designed for businesses that need full remote work and collaboration tools, secure cloud storage, business email and, if you need them, premium Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We also apply our own best practices and templates to make sure it is set up optimally for your needs.

Also included with 365:

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a meeting/conference platform that allows unified integrated chat, voice, audio, video and desktop sharing, and other features that can be integrated with your email and calendars. Teams has been such a valuable tool for our clients during this shift from office to remote to hybrid, giving employees the opportunity to interact and work together at a distance.

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive

These two applications allow you to share files securely within your network, no matter where on the globe you happen to be. These are some of the best collaboration tools on the market today, allowing remote workers to have instant access to shared files. Both OneDrive and SharePoint facilitate remote collaboration, but with OneDrive, your files are private unless you share with others. SharePoint is a communal workspace.

Microsoft Azure

This cloud platform, designed to help businesses operate in hybrid or remote conditions seamlessly and securely, is reliable, scalable and reduces upfront costs. It includes more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life and build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds with the tools of your choice.

Microsoft In Tune

This application is a cloud-based endpoint management solution designed to help businesses cut costs and complexity by managing any device with a single, unified tool, and do so securely for a hybrid or remote workforce. It’s great at simplifying device management across many devices, including mobile, desktop computers and virtual endpoints.


Exchange is a mail server that uses protocols like SMTP, IMAP and POP to send and receive emails. While you can use it with many email applications, it’s most commonly used with Microsoft’s Outlook. People sometimes get them confused. The short answer: Exchange is a mail server, while Outlook is a software program installed on your computer that sends and receives emails via Exchange.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Within Azure, Virtual Desktop runs on the cloud and allows users to share desktops without going through an operating system. You can create a full desktop virtualization plus reduce costs with pooled, multi-session resources. It can automatically increase or decrease capacity based on when you’ll need it the most — the time of day, days of the week, or anytime you have higher or lower demand.

Connectivity at a Cost You Can Afford

Yes, it CAN be done within your budget.

With our device and service-based cost structure, Logic Speak can streamline and enhance your company’s connectivity while cutting costs and reducing the amount of time, stress and headaches related to meeting your company’s connectivity requirements.

We provide network infrastructure for a monthly fee. Switches, firewalls and wireless access points, for minimal upfront costs and lifetime warranties. If a switch breaks, we simply install a new one — and it’s all covered under your monthly fee.

Leave connectivity to us and focus on your core business operations, not technology problems.

The Logic Speak Difference

We don’t support computers. We support you.

All companies have IT issues. It’s just a part of life in today’s world. At Logic Speak, it’s our job to make sure IT-related problems don’t impact your workflow, your productivity or your bottom line.

Whether you need an overall IT plan, better technical support or just updated hardware and software, we’re your guides to help you navigate the complexities of the technology that powers your business.

All managed IT services companies offer support. Logic Speak offers a comprehensive approach to address all of your IT needs. From strategy to implementation to day-to-day help, Logic Speak’s mission is to have a positive impact on YOU.

Let Us Take the Stress out of Technology for You and Your Business

Logic Speak offers you IT peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best.