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Why Every Business Needs Cybersecurity

Like larger companies, small and mid-sized businesses also need robust security measures.

Secure Your Data. Save Your Business.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever

We all think of cybersecurity as an issue for large companies, banks or the government. The reality is, any organization that uses the Internet is at risk. Not all small and mid-sized businesses have robust security measures in place, and that makes them vulnerable, maybe even more so than a large company. The major corporations of the world may be able to withstand a cyberattack and stay profitable. Not so with small to mid-sized businesses.

The statistics for small and medium-sized businesses are alarming.


of SMBs suffer a cyberattack every year.


of ransomware attacks take more than a week to fix.


of SMBs are profitable after a prolonged attack. Average cost is around $80,000.

More advanced security measures are needed

According to Microsoft, 60% of cyberattacks begin with a breached device. In addition, 70% of small firms go out of business within a year of a large data loss incident, which can be caused by viruses, physical damage or human error. If those statistics aren’t bad enough, the threats are constantly changing. What was adequate last year is no longer sufficient.

In years past, organizations have been able to reduce their risk by using what are now considered minimum-level protections, including antispam systems, desktop-based antivirus and firewalls. These solutions are still needed, but as the threats evolve, the need for more advanced security measures and disaster recovery strategies has evolved into an imperative.

Trying to protect your business on your own is nearly impossible. You need a partner who is constantly working to anticipate threats now and prepare for new ones later. You need a partner dedicated to researching and keeping up with what vendors provide the best protection. You need a partner who will keep you out of the news. You need Logic Speak. Logic Speak works with a variety of specialists and attends industry events to stay on top of security and business continuity needs. Our Protect service increases your security posture and minimizes your risk.

Our multifaceted approach

We use our experience in security to keep your business safe.


Your employees are your first line of defense against cyberattacks, and the most vulnerable. Most employees simply can't be up on the latest phishing expedition. That's why we train your employees on security best practices.


Hackers get more advanced by the minute. It's vital to stay on top of the latest security measures ... but who has the time to do it? You should be focused on running your business. Let your security be our job.


What was adequate last year just doesn't cut it today. We constantly monitor your systems, so in the unlikely event a breach occurs, we're on it. Quick action is a must to minimize any damage.


Trying to protect your business on your own is nearly impossible today. If a data breach happens, we'll get it handled quickly, minimize damage and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Logic Speak’s Security+ Services

Let us be your company’s bodyguard

Along with our multifaceted approach to your security and baseline security measures like antispam, antivirus and firewalls, we offer several services designed to kick it up a notch. Through our Security Operations Center, we monitor and analyze your digital profile.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is where information you thought was secure is bought and sold by cybercriminals. It’s the seedy underbelly of the internet. We monitor this dark side of the internet to identify leaked passwords and company information. If it’s found, we can handle it from there.

Desktop Breach Detection

Malware can wreak havoc in an organization, causing work stoppages at best and full-blown hacking in the extreme. We analyze thousands of data points for workstations and other devices to scan for infections and viruses before they can cause damage.

SaaS Protection Backup

We look for user error, malicious attacks, compliance issues and other problems that can cause your system to go down. Microsoft 365 includes multiple defense tools to scan for cyber threats, backs up your system three times and has fast recovery systems in the event an attack occurs.

Multifactor Authentication

Also called two-step verification, multifactor authentication is becoming standard in many online applications, and you’re probably already used to it. Simple authentication is logging into your accounts via a username and password. That’s good, but not good enough. Usernames are notoriously easy to guess, and passwords can be simple, too. Multifactor authentication adds another step of verification — having to enter a code sent to your smartphone, for instance. The goal is to make that account as secure as it can be. We set it up for you and ensure it’s working to protect your business.

Password Management

Ever have trouble remembering your password? We all have. Ever stored them on your hard drive to keep them handy? An all-too-common mistake that can leave you vulnerable to attack. We manage your passwords to ensure they are safe and secure. Using MyGlue, we can store and secure your passwords so you have access to them … and hackers do not.

Secure, Encrypted Email

This is a feature we provide to allow you to send sensitive and important data safely. It’s another line of defense between you and the hackers. Secure email is a cornerstone of your business. You need to know the communications you’re sending are not vulnerable to hackers. This is a feature we provide to allow you to send sensitive and important data safely. It’s another line of defense between you and the hackers.


Using Breach Secure Now, the industry leader in cybersecurity training for employees, we can turn your employees into a wall of defense for your organization. We use phishing simulations and ongoing training content to make sure your people are up to speed on the latest cyber knowledge.

The Logic Speak Difference

We don’t support computers. We support you.

All companies have IT issues. It’s just a part of life in today’s world. At Logic Speak, it’s our job to make sure IT-related problems don’t impact your workflow, your productivity or your bottom line.

Whether you need an overall IT plan, better technical support or just updated hardware and software, we’re your guides to help you navigate the complexities of the technology that powers your business.

All managed IT services companies offer support. Logic Speak offers a comprehensive approach to address all of your IT needs. From strategy to implementation to day-to-day help, Logic Speak’s mission is to have a positive impact on YOU.

Let Us Take the Stress out of Technology for You and Your Business

Logic Speak offers you IT peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best.