Having Trouble Hiring IT Pros?

IT Professionals are in High Demand

Are you seeking qualified IT support professionals in the Atlanta and South Carolina regions? If you are, you’re not alone. IT pros are in high demand in this region and around the country. More and more companies are turning to the cloud, concerned about cybersecurity, and investigating how to harness the power of data. They need skilled IT services. It’s the job for a big fish, someone with the solid experience and knowledge to help lead your company into the future. The problem for companies looking to hire full-time IT staff: those fish aren’t biting.

Talent Shortage Hurts IT Adoption

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us the demand for tech professionals will grow 13% in the coming decade — faster than the average for all other occupations. It’s part of a global talent shortage that is affecting many industries and professions, with tech topping that list.

That’s a problem for companies, and it’s about to become an even bigger problem. As all industries continue to build back after the pandemic, technology plays an even more crucial role than it did before. Because of the talent shortage, there’s a huge disconnect there. A gulf of missed opportunity.

According to a recent report by Gartner, the talent shortage is seen as the most significant barrier to the adoption of 64% of emerging technologies, compared with just 4% the previous year. That includes technologies for infrastructure, platform services, network, security, automation, storage and databases. At a time when companies need to have their technology A-game on, there is a real lack of qualified people to do the job of IT support.

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What can you do?

It’s a jungle out there if you’re trying to hire IT staff. Here are some strategies to help you compete.

  • Evaluate your pay and benefits package. In this hiring marketplace, companies need to lead with their best offer. Think of it as being similar to house hunting in this market. You need to go in above asking price to even be considered.
  • Communicate what you stand for. Younger people in the hiring marketplace aren’t just looking for a 9-to-5. They’re looking for a company that shares their values. Today, companies need to walk their talk, whether it’s a commitment to the environment or a focus on diversity or whatever it is that you stand for beyond your business proper.
  • Rethink your four-year-degree requirement. This is especially important for tech positions. People are getting their skills in a variety of ways these days, from boot camps to certifications to intense courses to internships. Younger job seekers may have circumnavigated four-year degrees because of the crushing student debt being shouldered by Gen X and older millennials. Today, it’s about skills.
  • Outsource your IT. To avoid all of the above, consider outsourcing your IT functions. Whether it’s getting a partner for your current (and likely overworked) IT people, or outsourcing the entire IT function, it makes good business sense in today’s market. You won’t be paying a high, full-time salary to someone who may not be top notch. Instead, you’ll get the best, most experienced talent — no full-time salary, benefits, perks and other trappings of full-time employees required. You’ll be paying for what you need, not what you don’t. A managed IT service provider offers IT support and brings knowledge of cutting-edge tech developments to position your company ahead of the game.

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