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The Power of Personalized Outsourcing

For smaller firms, like Aulick Engineering, having an in-house IT person isn't always feasible. But trusting an outside pro is a leap of faith. That's why the personal aspect of a dedicated team is so important to Aulick. Read More

Taking the stress out of a glitchy system

Longview Wealth Management's glitchy network resulted in expensive downtime and the inability to conduct business. It went from a frustration to a real problem they needed to handle quickly. Here's how Logic Speak solved it. Read More

Email Monitoring for the Win

Smaller companies may be at a bigger risk of cybercrime than the Fortune 500. We've helped many clients who have been targeted by cybercriminals, saving valuable company data. Read more about how we keep you safe. Read More

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How secure is your IT? Do you have an IT plan in case something happens? Could you qualify for cybersecurity insurance?

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How Secure is Your IT?

How Secure is Your IT? Cyberattacks and other network security threats aren’t simply issues for the Amazons and IBMs of the world — they happen just as often with small and mid-sized businesses as they do with larger corporations.Any network is a potential target for... Read More

6 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business

6 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business Are we in a recession?  Is it looming out there on the horizon like an impending storm? Is it going to happen at all? Good questions. The answers depend on who you ask. But one thing is for sure: Whether a recession hits us or... Read More

3 Challenges Keeping IT Managers Up At Night

3 Challenges Keeping IT Managers Up At Night As an IT manager or owner of a small business, technology worries and challenges may be keeping you up at night. According to a new survey by Evanta, 2022 is bringing new tech challenges to the workplace. Here are some of... Read More

Having Trouble Hiring IT Pros?

Having Trouble Hiring IT Pros? IT Professionals are in High Demand Are you seeking qualified IT support professionals in the Atlanta and South Carolina regions? If you are, you’re not alone. IT pros are in high demand in this region and around the country. More... Read More

Designing a safe remote work strategy

Designing a safe remote work strategy Cybersecurity at home Over the past few blogs, we’ve discussed how we got to where we are with remote work as well as the challenges and considerations that are key to making a remote work environment permanent for your employees.... Read More

Technology considerations for remote work

Technology considerations for remote work Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are considering moving to fully remote or hybrid remote work scenarios must ensure that their technology infrastructure can support this move. In the tight labor market, a... Read More

Addressing the challenges of remote work

Addressing the challenges of remote work If you decide to make remote work permanent for your SMB—whether fully or partially—it is imperative to develop a remote work strategy to replace the band-aid approach you may have taken to get your remote employees up and... Read More

Remote work: from nuisance to strategic advantage

Remote work: from nuisance to strategic advantage How “the great resignation” is influencing company stances on remote work in the future The proliferation of high-speed home internet and technology tools such as laptops, phones, and tablets has allowed workers to... Read More

Developing a strategic IT roadmap

Developing a strategic IT roadmap How do you get started? We’ve talked about a strategic IT roadmap and stressed the importance of standards and best practices. Now, we’re going to get more specific and offer a step-by-step guide on how your business can... Read More

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Once the new system was in place, there was a sense of calm. It was like, 'OK, now I can do my job without worrying the portal is going to go down.' It was a relief.

Jennifer Stewart, President

LongView Wealth Management

What Clients Are Saying

Jason (Etheridge, Logic Speak's president and founder) is passionate about staying in the forefront of tech advancements. When we hit the pandemic, I felt like we were ahead of over 90% of our industry because we already had the ability to work remotely.

Kate Henry, Vice President

Aulick Engineering

What Clients Are Saying

We wholeheartedly recommend Logic Speak to other non-profits in the Atlanta area looking for a dependable and values-driven IT support partner.

Pastor Greg Clark, Administrative Pastor

Mt Paran

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