What Your Atlanta Business Peers are Saying About their Technology

Today, we’re going to talk about what your peers are saying about their experiences with the partnership with a managed services provider, like Logic Speak.

Today, I’m going to talk you through what it looks like to have technology that works.

Is having great IT and technology a myth?

It certainly is not.

While technology isn’t perfect and issues will arise, the goal is to have someone be able to shoulder this burden for you and your company.

Technology should be something that’s easily resolved through a great IT and technology partnership, not a hindrance.

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 As part of that, great technology only comes from experts with the time and experience to help. Our best clients are in these industries:

  • Engineering firms
  • Financial planning firms
  • Law offices
  • Management and consulting firms
  • Religious organizations
  • Businesses with technology struggles

That said, we will work with companies who are not in these industries to help solve their technology challenges, too.

Making sure great technology isn’t a myth also encompasses five specific disciplines:

  • Network administration: We proactively manage and monitor your network.
  • Client relations and virtual CIO: You receive a technology liaison to manage your technology.
  • Excellent support: Tier 1 to Tier 4 technicians that handle your most challenging technology issues.
  • Security Focused: Your technology environment is safely and securely managed.
  • Line of Business applications: We learn and manage all your business applications. 

Great technology is technology that’s working optimally like a well-oiled machine.

Here’s some direct thoughts from businesses like yours and how they’ve come to experience, firsthand, what technology that works looks like.

 “We’ve worked with Logic Speak for more than 5 years and they’ve grown to part of our organization. I trust the guys at Logic Speak. I know that they stand behind their word and will do whatever it takes to make our systems run as smoothly as possible.” – Doug Fisher, Fisher Engineering


“If things are not working properly, then we are generally in crisis mode. I get concerned when folks cannot use the tools that I pay for, and I feel like I am just flushing money. Our business is deadline driven (permits, construction schedules) where there are major dollar implications if we do not meet our obligations. Logic Speak helps us stay on top of things and keep us up and running.” – Bill Peltier, William J. Peltier and Associates


“We want partners that care as much about our business as we care about our clients.  Not only does Logic Speak go the extra mile to meet our IT needs, they also randomly drop by just to bring us donuts and see how we’re doing.”  – Jennifer Aulick, Aulick Engineering


“I needed an IT company that understood the challenges that we face as an engineering company.  Logic Speak is that company!  Now I don’t have to think about technology; I can devote time to our clients and projects knowing that they have everything under control!” – Jill Gilbert, Holt Consulting Company

Technology can be a mess. Let us take it off your hands, so you can do what you do best in running your company. Fill out the form on this page to schedule time with us.