Enabling productivity through technology

From the beginning, the promise of technology was that it would increase productivity in both our business and personal lives. And in many ways, it has done just that. But how many businesses are not as productive as they could be because of their technology? How many employees miss out on ball games or recitals because of frustrating issues with technology that don’t allow them to get their jobs done in a timely fashion? How many owners experience reduced profits because slow or malfunctioning technology requires them to hire additional resources to get the job done?

An employee spends 20 minutes in the breakroom every morning while waiting for a PC to boot up. A server goes down and workers can’t access files or data to do their jobs. Data loss from human error or disaster causes chaos and repeat work. Slow applications cause frustration and longer days for employees. Cloud services churn because of slow Internet access or other connectivity hardware. These are just a few examples of technology hindering your business instead of enabling it.

Logic Speak believes that the ultimate goal of managed services is to help companies use technology to be their most productive, so employees are happy, and profits are maximized. Our services aim to minimize or eliminate as many of these drags on your business’ productivity as possible by making sure technology is implemented correctly, works optimally, and is well-aligned with your business objectives and plans.

Logic Speak services can help your business become more productive and more profitable. 


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The Maintain service involves more than just fixing broken technology. It also includes strategy and planning, foundations, documentation, monitoring and automation, and scheduled maintenance. We help your employees save time by ensuring they have reliable tools and systems that enable them to get their jobs done efficiently. Our dedicated team of professionals takes care of the technology behind the scenes, enabling you to do what you do best—run your business.


Technology moves fast. The Optimize service is about continuously improving your technology environment to help your employees work smarter and more efficiently. We stabilize and optimize your current environment and make technology recommendations for increasing your productivity and profitability even more. A proactive roadmap guides technology decisions and is revisited periodically to ensure priorities are met and plans are adapted to business and market changes.


In today’s connected business world, connectivity problems can tank productivity. The VPN isn’t connecting. The Internet goes down. A server is off-line. The network isn’t available. With the Connect service, our goal is for connectivity to fade into the background, so you never have to think about it. We make sure your connectivity technology delivers as promised and is optimized for maximum productivity. Hiring the myriad internal resources necessary to manage connectivity is out of reach for many small businesses. With its device-based cost structure, the Connect service can improve your company’s connectivity while cutting costs—a win-win for productivity. And your bottom line.


Many people don’t think of security and data protection as being integral to productivity. But security breaches and data loss have become everyday news. All organizations—even small and medium-sized businesses—are at risk. For example, for 43% of small businesses who suffer a ransomware attack, it takes more than a week to get back up and running. Data loss is no different. Of the small firms suffering a large data loss incident, 70% go out of business within a year. Trying to protect your business on your own is nearly impossible. Most small or medium firms cannot afford to hire a security officer. But with its focus on both security and disaster recovery/business continuity, Logic Speak’s Protect service provides you with a partner that constantly works to anticipate threats to your data and your productivity.


As a small business with limited IT staff resources, it can be dizzying to try to figure out what warranties, adapters, servers, connectors, and other technology to order when making IT purchases. In addition, forgetting essential pieces of equipment or choosing the wrong software, connectors, or adapters can result in lost money and long implementation delays. The Procure service leverages Logic Speak’s expertise, vendor relationships, and tenacity to remove the worry and time spent on IT procurement and let you focus on running your business.


At Logic Speak, we believe we can best help our clients succeed by playing a proactive role in keeping their IT reliable and productive. In fact, we feel so strongly about our client’s success that we created an entire department around our process-driven, strategic methodology. Our Success methodology starts with two dedicated resources laser-focused on your IT environment and making it work for your business. The result is a strategic technology roadmap aligned with your business needs, goals, and plans and a corresponding budget so you can plan your IT spending.

We want to take the stress out of technology for you and your business.

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