What is and How to use Co-Managed IT

Got an IT team? Leverage co-managed IT

Employing a comprehensive IT staff can be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses. If your company has IT staff, they likely wear many hats with too much to do and not enough time to do it. They may be overwhelmed by support tickets and spend their days trying to keep employees happy without time to undertake higher-level projects. If this sounds familiar, taking advantage of a co-managed IT partnership may benefit your organization.

What is co-managed IT? Will existing IT employees lose their jobs?

Co-managed IT is a partnership between your existing IT team and dedicated resources from a managed services provider (MSP). The goal of the partnership is to increase your IT capabilities, efficiency, and agility to help your business achieve its goals. A co-managed IT resource can take on the barrage of support tickets and allow your in-house employees to undertake value-added projects. Or the resource can be employed for a specific area of IT. Each co-managed IT arrangement is tailored to your needs and existing in-house expertise.

Co-managed IT is not a replacement for your in-house IT employees. Resources provided in co-managed IT partnerships are considered force multipliers—they provide complementary skills that help round out your existing IT operation and maximize your existing IT employee investment without bloating your headcount. The goal is to help you streamline day-to-day IT demands so that in-house staff can focus on the overall IT strategy for the organization.

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How co-managed IT can benefit you!

Co-managed IT resources can play different roles in your company depending on your needs. For instance, they can take on the burden of Level 1 support and enable your staff to do more challenging work that they can’t do when they are putting out fires. Or they can let your in-house staff utilize their areas of expertise and fill in the gaps. Whether you need help with support, security, infrastructure, compliance, cloud, and more, Logic Speak co-managed IT can bring several benefits to your IT operations.

  • IT expertise: With Logic Speak co-managed IT resources, your organization gains a wealth of expertise and knowledge in different IT areas without hiring additional in-house resources.
  • Affordable IT tools: Engaging Logic Speak for co-managed IT enables your business to purchase IT tools and equipment at a much lower price due to our volume buying power. Previously unaffordable technology is now affordable.
  • Training and mentoring: Your Logic Speak co-managed IT resource can bring your staff up to speed in needed areas of expertise and help them grow throughout the relationship.
  • Strategizing and budgeting: Strategizing is not something overwhelmed IT resources usually have time for. And without a strategy, an IT budget cannot be accurate. As a Logic Speak customer, regardless of level of engagement, you receive two dedicated resources—a customer success manager and a technology alignment manager. These resources become experts on your business, needs, and technology and assist with strategy, planning, budgeting, and more. The result is a strategic roadmap and corresponding budget.

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