Taking on procurement to keep you productive

When you think of enabling or improving productivity, procurement may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the process of purchasing new technology can be a huge time suck on your organization. And getting it wrong can lead to even greater interruptions in productivity. When you want to buy new technology, knowing what to purchase can be daunting. How much RAM? What model of the switch? Does that PC really need an advanced graphics card? How many licenses should I purchase? What about warranties?

At Logic Speak, we believe our job as a managed service provider is to help your organization become as productive as possible through technology. And while it doesn’t get a lot of credit, procurement plays a huge role in productivity. Procurement doesn’t start and end when the order is placed. If done right, it begins with an understanding of your organization and ends when the correct equipment arrives. Below are just a few reasons why Logic Speak’s experience, expertise, and partner relationships make us the ideal partner for your procurement needs and to help you increase productivity.

Understanding your environment and business needs
Every Logic Speak customer receives a dedicated technology alignment manager and customer success manager who work to understand your environment, make recommendations, and align technology with your business plans and goals. This knowledge is invaluable to the procurement process because it informs what equipment, licenses, and other technology are needed to help you work at your maximum productivity. This understanding also keeps you from ordering what you don’t need and from missing a key component of your purchased technology.

Quoting accurate pricing
Without intimate knowledge of your environment, quoting an accurate price to senior managers or owners can feel impossible. At Logic Speak, our understanding and experience with your environment, long-term relationships with partners such as Microsoft, Dell, Adobe, and Datto, and expertise in the procurement process result in accurate quotes that allow your company to plan and budget appropriately and keep you productive. 

Placing the order right the first time
Logic Speak leverages its relationships with technology partners to get the best price possible and in the timeframe you need. We ensure that the correct technology is there the first time, eliminating the delays that result because you forgot to order a component or chose the wrong version.

Advocating for you
We advocate for your business—nagging vendors if orders are late, checking on ship dates and tracking numbers, ensuring timely delivery—so you and your employees can focus on the activities that make your company profitable.

Checking the order
Logic Speaks ensures what was ordered is delivered so you don’t waste valuable time on installation, only to find out you are missing a key component.

Getting the most bang for your productivity buck
We approach every technology recommendation with the same questions.

  • Will this technology make your company more productive?
  • Are you getting the most bang for your buck?
  • Have we stretched your dollar as far as it will go in service of accomplishing your productivity goals?
  • Would we as a company pay that price and does the solution provide enough value?
  • Are we being good stewards of your money? 

By making sure that the answer to these questions is ‘yes’ before any order is placed, we help increase your company’s productivity and your bottom line.


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