Specialized Technology: The One Critical Component To Technology Success

When you’re a business who’s considering outsourcing your information technology (IT) there’s one thing that’s critical to the success of your technology partnership.

Problem solving.

Your technology partner should be the greatest problem solver since Albert Einstein. (you know Einstein, the German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, affecting a revolution in the physics world)

Whether you’re a CPA firm, healthcare organization, foundation or non-profit, or manufacturer, you should ultimately partner with a technology partner (aka managed services provider) who solves your problems for you, while empathizing with your technology-pain.

Every tech firm survives because they help solve technical problems involving desktops, laptops, software, hardware, networks, Cloud platforms, etc., but the great ones get creative and innovative in solving the trickiest of IT issues.

They’re good communicators, available via telephone, online chat, or face to face and use their IT support skills to assist all your users, while not shaming them. Problem

Problem solving goes beyond basic skills, but here are four of the most important IT skills that are absolutely critical to your success.

#1. Ability to Diagnose Problems

Due to the wide variety of issues that can be encountered on any given Sunday, it’s necessary for your IT partner to quickly examine multiple scenarios to determine the specifics of your tech struggles. To accomplish this, it requires an extensive knowledge of technology and enough experience to come up with the right solution. Consequently, they must be familiar with major operating systems and stay abreast of recent updates. With technological advancements moving quickly, it often requires ongoing research to remain effective at this position.

#2. Attention to Detail

As the cliché goes the devils in the details. Failure to take little details into consideration can mean the difference between a timely resolution and unnecessary mistakes. That’s why an outsourced IT partner must have an eye and ear for catching information that others may miss. They have to ask the right questions to guide the interaction in a way that a customer or business employee thoroughly explains the issue and must listen carefully and never overlook any details.

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#3. Analytical Thinker

As they acquire information, an outsourced IT partner has to solve problems by being able to analyze them so that they can come up with the best plan of action. They need to take all the information given and synthesize it within a matter of minutes to develop a practical solution, one that doesn’t cost a million dollars either. By examining the individual problem areas, they can see the big picture to tell exactly what needs to be fixed.

#4. Communication Skills

No matter how intelligent and tech savvy a person is, it’s difficult to perform this job well without effective communication and interpersonal skills. Being able to seamlessly communicate with others is important for two reasons. First, it helps better extract the information needed to diagnose a problem. Second, it’s important for explaining what the problem is and which steps need to be taken to resolve the matter. With many end-users only having a basic comprehension of technology, it’s critical that a specialist is able to break information down into layman’s terms so that users can grasp the concept. This is especially important when communication is done over the phone or through online chat. In addition, good technology problems solvers should have sound etiquette and a polite demeanor to ensure pleasant conversations.

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