IT Superpower

Continuous improvement—it’s not a phrase that most people associate with IT service providers. These providers typically fix something that’s broken, perform a one-off service, or sell you a piece of equipment without a comprehensive plan or consideration of your business goals. But at Logic Speak, helping our customers continuously improve is our core value. We even created our Success department to ensure every customer has an IT infrastructure that helps them meet their goals instead of hindering them. It’s your IT superpower.

Clark Kent versus Superman

In the superhero metaphor, the IT providers mentioned above are akin to Clark Kent. Traditionally, their liaisons have been account managers whose goal is to increase revenue and spend per appliance. These resources tend to serve many clients and aren’t familiar with your industry or business goals. And you usually only hear from them when they want to sell you something new or upsell what you already have. Anyone can provide support, fix what’s broken, or sell you a shiny new piece of equipment. But those actions are not proactive, and they don’t lead to continuous improvement.

Logic Speak believes there’s a better way. We’ve changed the concept of IT services from selling to partnership. When you work with Logic Speak as your managed service provider (MSP), you get the benefit of our Success department, which is dedicated to our core value of continuous improvement. We don’t give you an account manager. Instead, every customer receives two dedicated resources that understand your industry, your business, and your technology. We measure success by how efficiently and effectively your technology helps you accomplish your goals. You get the most out of your IT dollar, maximizing the value of your IT investments instead of throwing money at support when something breaks. Our dedicated resources, proactive planning, strategic roadmap, and more put Logic Speak squarely in the Superman column.

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Our proven Success methodology

Our Success methodology starts with two dedicated resources laser-focused on your IT environment and making it work for your business.

The Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) ensures that your IT activities meet best practices and technology standards that are aligned with your goals and initiatives. The TAM gains a deep understanding of your business and reviews your technology environment, flagging non-compliant and non-standard technology, technology that isn’t aligned with your goals, and technology that isn’t working. The TAM becomes an expert in your environment and stays an expert, with a goal of reducing reactive issues, identifying risks, and defining best practices and standards . The TAM is involved in all changes, enhancements, updates and is always up to date.

The Client Success Manager (CSM) takes the findings and recommendations from the TAM and creates and maintains a strategic IT roadmap for your organization. We know business needs change—just look at 2020. That’s why our proactive process includes a quarterly review of the roadmap to discuss new business initiatives that impact technology needs, issues that have arisen, and getting approval for all planned items on the roadmap. The CSM also develops a corresponding budget that provides you with a technology spending forecast, minimizing the need for last-minute emergency IT spending and adding predictability. CSMs also act as a liaison between your organization and any other Logic Speak services.

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