How do you know your IT is working for you?

If your physical office were filled with unnecessary clutter, it would make the tough job of being an entrepreneur that much harder. And though the benefits of a clean office are well known, some companies are still doing the IT equivalent of working on top of a stack of loose papers. Savvy business owners, however, are well aware that a streamlined network is a crucial part of any successful small business. If you’re looking to achieve network efficiency, a network assessment is the most critical piece of that puzzle. And in honor of National Small Business Week (May 2nd – May 8th, 2021), we’re detailing the main reasons why.

What is a Network Assessment? (or as we call it a Technology Alignment)
A network assessment is a complete examination of your IT infrastructure, security, performance, and management to identify weaknesses and spotlight areas for improvement. We’ve built our Success Team for the purpose to make sure all of your IT aligns with your business so that you have a predictable IT roadmap and budget. Having a predicatble, proactive IT approach takes the stress out of your IT. Our regular Technology Alignment reports allow you to:


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Data hacks and security breaches are costing businesses a fortune. One of the primary benefits of a network assessment is the unbiased insight you will gain about your cybersecurity systems. When you open up your network to scrutiny, every design, device, connection, and configuration will be examined to identify potential vulnerabilities that you may never have been aware of. In many cases, simply noticing an unpatched piece of software or an exploitable open port can be the difference between safety and disaster. Opening up your business to risk assessments and penetration testing gives you assurances that all your bases are covered.


The quickest way to grind your network to a halt is by incorrectly allocating network resources. When you begin to delve into your user traffic specifics, you will undoubtedly find that certain aspects of your business use the bulk of your bandwidth. By identifying these departments, you can begin to pinpoint bottlenecks such as apps, programs, or users, that are slowing your network down significantly and shift more resources to the areas where they are needed. By rooting out the underlying causes of these performance issues, you can allocate resources properly rather than simply adding bandwidth.


The truth is, no matter what size your business is, you’re always hoping to expand eventually. But to do so effectively, you’ll need a solid foundation to build upon. As any detail-oriented person will tell you, minor problems eventually grow into larger ones. Therefore, to ensure that any future expansion can be implemented as quickly and smoothly as you will inevitably need it to be, your network must be as well-structured and efficient as possible. Performing a network assessment now provides you and your employees with an intricate understanding of your network design, resources, and performance thresholds that will allow you to better plan for the future. And if you know growth is on the horizon, you can also prioritize flexibility in your IT choices in the present, so you can respond quickly when it’s time to accommodate new business.

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