Financial services firm improves productivity and market agility with Logic Speak

For most companies, time is money. For financial services companies, this statement could not be more true. When systems go down at financial services firms, stock trades don’t go in on time and the company is unaware of market changes or unable to respond to market conditions for their clients. Productivity plummets and good customer service is impossible. A financial services firm hired Logic Speak because its infrastructure constantly needed to be rebooted. And when it was working, it was incredibly slow. As a result, the company faced high downtime and low productivity.

This infrastructure had been designed, recommended, and implemented by the company’s previous managed services provider (MSP). The MSP did not take into account the company’s business goals, needs, or work processes. Instead, the MSP recommended a solution that it wanted to sell—which was not what was best for the company. The MSP convinced the company that it needed virtual desktops, cloud, and a remote work environment even though the financial firm’s employees all worked in the same office and did not travel.


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Logic Speak Success—mapping business needs to solutions

To address the firm’s needs, Logic Speak utilized its proven, process-driven, strategic methodology, called Success. With Success, two dedicated Logic Speak resources work from business needs down instead of solution up. A technology alignment manager (TAM) worked with the firm to understand its business needs, goals, and plans, as well as its technology environment and work processes. Through this process, the TAM discovered that the firm’s existing infrastructure was not aligned with its needs and goals. There was no need for VDI since the employees were always in the office. Yet the previous MSP had implemented VDI as if the company’s employees were scattered around the country.

The client success manager (CSM) took the work of the TAM and created a strategic IT roadmap for the firm. The new infrastructure was based on local computing with cloud data storage to meet the company’s needs. The roadmap, which is reviewed and updated quarterly, also included a corresponding budget. The budget helps the firm forecast technology purchases, adds predictability, and minimizes the need for last-minute emergency IT spending.

Improved productivity, agility, and collaboration

Logic Speak migrated the company back to local workstations then implemented Microsoft 365. The company’s data is now stored in the cloud, backed up, and secure. Employees work on local machines, which speeds productivity. Now that its infrastructure is aligned with its business needs, the financial services firm’s data is highly available, and reboots and slow computing are a thing of the past. The company can now respond to its customers and market conditions quickly. In addition, the company now has the benefit of collaboration with Microsoft Teams, part of Microsoft 365.

“Thanks to Logic Speak’s Success methodology and our new infrastructure, we know that our IT platforms are helping us achieve our business goals rather than working against us,” said the firm’s IT Director. “The roadmap helps us plan our spending and can be reviewed to incorporate any new business initiatives we undertake. With Logic Speak, we have a provider that is a true business partner, rather than just a vendor trying to sell us the latest new technology.”

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