Enabling remote work for schools, engineering firms, financial services companies and more
As COVID-19 shut down many places of business in Spring 2020, several Logic Speak customers needed to quickly pivot from in-office operations to remote work. Below are just a few examples of how Logic Speak helped its client community weather the COVID-19 storm.


Enabling remote access

To help them quickly adapt to the need to work remotely, Logic Speak temporarily provided its clients with its remote work tool, Splashtop, free of charge. By doing so, Logic Speak enabled these customers to remotely access their desktop machines in their offices from whatever device they had at home. As a result, employees could continue to work as if they were in their offices. The companies ranged from small schools to large engineering firms.

“Without Logic Speak helping our employees access their on-site desktops, we would have lost productivity and money,” said the owner of a large engineering company.

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Helping daycares serve the children of essential workers

In another case, Logic Speak helped a large daycare provider with multiple locations support kids whose schools had been shut down, but who still had to attend the center because their parents were essential workers. The number of students who needed to access remote learning tools while at the daycare center increased exponentially. Many of the students needed to attend online classes through Zoom or other platforms, depending on the school. But the daycare’s network and Internet infrastructures were not robust enough to handle this increase. Logic Speak made recommendations and performed upgrades to the daycare provider’s Wi-Fi, Internet, and network so that it could handle the increased load. It also helped the centers obtain devices for those students whose schools did not provide them.

“Logic Speak enabled us to support our students who could not attend their online school from home,” said the daycare center owner. “Without Logic Speak’s help, their educations would have suffered, and we would not have been able to provide the customer service our families expect from us.”

Supporting a charter school transitioning to remote learning

Another Logic Speak customer, a K-8 charter school, needed help providing 100% remote learning to its students. Logic Speak helped the school ensure that every student had a device, in this case a Chromebook, for remote work. Next, Logic Speak helped set up the live classroom platform.

“Without Logic Speak, our transition to remote learning would have been much more difficult on both our teachers and students,” said the school’s principal.

Microsoft 365 Empowerment

Many Logic Speak customers who had already invested in Microsoft 365 before Covid-19 shut down their businesses were not aware of or had never leveraged many of the platform’s features. To help these clients get maximum value out of Microsoft 365 for remote work, Logic Speak provided Microsoft 365 Empowerment webinars to help train and educate these companies’ employees quickly on the additional features that could help them work most efficiently.

“Logic Speak’s Microsoft 365 webinars helped our employees understand how the platform could help them work and collaborate with their co-workers and customers almost as if they were in the same location,” said the Managing Partner of a large logistics company.

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