Business Continuity for Businesses

Business continuity is the ability for your business to maintain critical and essential business functions during some sort of disaster.

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to do is worry whether you can function because of a lack of planning. That’s business continuity.

Business continuity planning establishes risk management processes that aim to prevent interruptions to your mission-critical services, while re-establishing full function to your organization as quickly as possible. Think of a mass power outage, hurricane, large broadband interruption, tornado, or some other natural disaster and then ask yourself are you prepared if something like this happens?

Business continuity is important for businesses and organizations of any size because it allows you to function, bill your customers/patients/distributors, access your CRM, keep sales/marketing/delivery flowing, and obviously keep the lights on. While it not be practical for every business to have a dedicated resource internally, it is very pragmatic to outsource your technology and business continuity planning to an IT support company like Logic Speak.

During a disaster, the team at Logic Speak leverages the business continuity plan to make sure all of your failover mechanisms are successfully in place.

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    “If things are not working properly, then we are generally in crisis mode. I get concerned when folks cannot use the tools that I pay for, and I feel like I am just flushing money. Our business is deadline driven (permits, construction schedules) where there are major dollar implications if we do not meet our obligations. Logic Speak helps us stay on top of things and keep us up and running.”

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