Aligning technology for maximum productivity

We’ve all heard the horror stories. An IT provider convinces a client to implement a shiny, new, expensive system that does not make them more productive or further their business initiatives. The company loses time and money and is no closer to accomplishing their plans or gaining efficiency.

At Logic Speak, we feel so strongly about the importance of aligning technology to your business needs that we created a department with that purpose in mind. Our new Success department ensures your current and future technology environments are aligned with your business’ needs, requirements, and initiatives—and will ultimately make your business more productive. The end result? A company that is as productive and profitable as possible. 

The Success department provides every Logic Speak customer with two dedicated resources focused on making your business as productive and profitable as possible by aligning technology with your goals. 

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Technology Alignment Manager

The technology alignment manager (TAM) is a dedicated resource that becomes an expert in your technology environment—getting to know your environment, how it works, whether it is making your company as productive as it can be, and whether it aligns with your plans. The TAM creates recommendations on how to better align your existing technology to your goals, best practices, and standards and suggests additional technology investments. At the heart of every recommendation: Does the proposed action serve a business need or goal? Does it meet best practices and standards? Would I make this investment in my own company? Will it improve productivity? These recommendations are then handed off to a customer success manager (CSM).

Customer Success Manager

The CSM researches potential IT improvement projects and ranks them in order of impact and return on investment in order to create a strategic roadmap for your business. The CSM reviews the strategic roadmap with your staff and creates a budget, prioritizing technology projects by risk and effect on the bottom line. And since markets and business needs change, the roadmap and budget are not static. We update your roadmap with you once per quarter for continuous improvement and adaption to meet new priorities or needs. Maybe you are expanding into new markets or growing your offerings. Whatever the change, your new plans and goals are folded into the roadmap. Anything that impacts technology needs or productivity is addressed. Your company has a clear vision of your technology future and your CFO gets a clear IT budget—without unexpected or last-minute expenses.

Technology can be a mess. Let us take it off your hands, so you can do what you do best in running your company. Fill out the form on this page to schedule time with us.